Lukman Nash Ahmed

– President –

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve learned it’s entirely possible to be fully committed, focused, and driven without taking the fun out of the process.  Take your work seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously. However quixotic the chase may be, it is critical to maintain a level of authentic exuberance.  At the helm of every Walderstone Capital company are positive, determined entrepreneurs with nerves of steel.

Walderstone was established as both a financial envoy for multiple business ventures as well as a community for partners to collaborate.  Our companies share resources such as technology and human capital to form a mutually beneficial collective of experiences. While operating in different spaces, there is a thread of commonality between our companies.  Our leaders are considered Hunting Partners.



The forests in which we live and work are now made of stone. And yet, nothing is concrete. There are still farmers, hunter-gatherers and apex predators. However, forces exist in today's world that allows us to change our labels and our realities much more rapidly. Nature is economic. The landscape is technological. The wilderness is Artificial Intelligence. Explore.